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01 February 2010

Gathering gold

Earlier I talked about levelling crafting on the cheap.  In that post I talked about the following players:
  • Would like to learn a profession.  Spends a fortune on stuff in the AH. Doesn't finish in twenty minutes and gets bored. Gives up.
  • Knows that some professions go together - like herbalism and alchemy.  Tries to keep up, but cant be bothered.  Finds that they get to level 40, and can't gather anymore.   Gives up.
  • Can't get into their raiding guild without a profession.  Takes 6000+ to AH.  Cant find all the mats in the AH. Spams trade and pays 3 times going price.  Uses a profession levelling guide. Sells everything at a vendor.  Runs out of money.  Begs for gold.  Might even get profession, but will never make money from it.
Below, I have some tips for assisting them in their crafting journey, for a price.

Firstly - read up on what they will be making.  If you know what they need to buy and sell, you can keep an eye out for items.  Do a web search for wow profession guides. (e.g. "wow leatherworking guide")

I looked up the first guide I found for Leatherworking, Alchemy and Blacksmithing, worked out how much of what they needed from a gathering toon, and came up with a price list per level, with prices from thottbot.  For the purposes below, I am stopping at maxium 'outland' level - 375, with the knowledge that the northrend market is generally well supplied, and the majority of wannabe crafters have given up by then.  Also remember - A lot of profession guides are made by gold sellers/gold guide sellers, and they need the crafter to become poor and pay real money for wow gold.

To get to 375 Leatherworking (with a few skins for the blacksmiths), a skinner needs to gather about 2,500g of mats.
  • Apprentice: 300 skins for a cost of 100g
  • Journeyman: 140 skins for a cost of 40g
  • Expert: 325 skins for a cost of 370g
  • Artisan: 910 skins for a cost of 1300g
  • Master: 560 skins for a cost of 1050g
To get to 375 Blacksmithing (with a few bars for the alchemists), a miner needs to gather about 5,300g of mats.

  • Apprentice: 800 ore and stone for a cost of 240g
  • Journeyman: 630 ore and stone for a cost of 720g
  • Expert: 110 ore and stone for a cost of 200g
  • Artisan: 1650 ore and stone for a cost of 2450g
  • Master: 440 skins for a cost of 1770g
(Yes I am rounding - these values are crude approximations).

For reference:
* Alchemy was the 'cheapest' to get to 375 from a guide - costing 1,600g of gathered herbs.
* Mithril Ore sells for 50g (Azeroth) per stack compared to Saroinite ore 16g (Northrend) per stack (spot price on my server)

You will likely find a levelling crafter by (A) they buy all your gathered materials, and (B) they flood the market with the items in the levelling guide below cost.

Just like the majority of players give up part way through their crafting professions, the majority also give up part way through on their gathering.  Once you have found a levelling crafter  you could make it easier for them by offering to sell them mats by mail COD, along with whatever other recipees/vendor items they need - all for a price - with markup.  Don't lend them gold - you wont see it (or the crafter) again.  If you have chosen gathering as a profession, dont be too quick to concentrate on Northrend items, as there is large amounts to be made elsewehere, especially at the Artisan Level (level 40-60 zones).  Dual gathering professions are also great way for new toons to pay for that mount/training/pet.

You do not need to undercut the lowest price.  If they are levelling by auction house, they need vast quantities.  Also, consider transforming if the money is there (i.e. leather scraps -> leather, bronze bars mithril/thorium ores -> bars), but check the prices on your auction house at the time.

A levelling crafter is also going to be left with a large stock of items.  Offer to buy them for .... a suitable discount and disenchant them.  Most enchanting materials sell well - to levelling enchanters.

As a bonus for your gathering work, improved health, a heal over time or increased critical strike, while making lots of gold.

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