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22 February 2010

Using crafting to make money on the AH


I am in the process of writing up a gold making via crafting article, of which a large part was going to be using auctioneer and lil-sparky to determine how to use your crafting skill to make gold.  However, if someone has already written it, even better. The article above is about using these two addons to make gold using blacksmithing, with some specific advice for blacksmiths (feel free to ignore if not applicable).  However, the principle is the same for all crafting professions - including cooking:

  1. Scan the auction house.
  2. Use Lil-Sparky to see what sells for more than it costs.
  3. Get the mats.
  4. Craft a few and trickle feed your items onto the AH.
  5. If something sells - make more somethings.  If it sells alot - make alot. 
If you find that a raw material sells for a lot, and farming it would give you enough gold/hour, then by all means farm as your gold making method.
Farming is not free.  If you ever feel that farming time is free, I have a large list I would like you to farm for me - it shouldn't take you more that 24 hours a day.

Edit: blessed blog. I had "<" crafting ">"  in the heading, and it showed up fine in the preview, got droped in the posted topic.  Ah well.

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  1. Are you going to be taking into consideration 3.3.3 changes to mining?
    I've covered it briefly in my blog post if you want to take a look.


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