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04 February 2010

Gogogo, or please - just go.

I have multiple toons, including a Tank, a Healer, and a DPS.  I also run with newer toons, whether it is their first 80, their first heals/tank, or even currently levelling up.

Tanks like to run things quick.  If the group is moving smoothly, I will pull more.  Most tanking classes have more 'resources' (rage, runic power) at the end of a fight than they do at the start.  'Nice' tanks may slow down if they see a healer /oom, and some might even slow down if a DPS is oom.  Tanks know that they can get a group anytime.  A wipe will cost us more time, repair bills, and general grief than taking things a little more slowly.

I like to be told - once - that:
* You know the instance

* You would prefer a fast run.

* Your preference to take/skip optional bosses.
* You are ready.
* We are sitting, and there are pats incoming.

I accept gogogo from the healer, if I don't keep agro of them - that's my problem.  For anyone else, once you say gogogogo, I know you are trouble, and chances are your DPS is sub-standard.  To me - thats ok, someone else will carry you.  I also need to make sure that the healer has enough mana to cope with your stupidity, so I will take it slower.  If you ('dps') tank it, and I have any problems (either as healer or tank), I will let you spank it:  No taunt (as tank), no heals (as heals), no rez.  If you pull it off, I will still be grumpy at you, but you have the gear to pull it off.  If at any stage we wipe, I will take it even slower.  If you pull while the tank and healer are both sitting, I will kick you.  I would rather 4 man it than have you.  If it comes to it, I will leave. I only have a 15 minute wait for the desterter debuff (if that), and the chances are I will take my healer too.

This doesn't mean that you can't push it.  My hats off to the mage in Naxx last night.  He said was that he knew the fights (he did), he wanted a fast run, did we know how to control the gargoyles?, and that he was ready.  He was consistently at range, at 110% of my agro and didn't pull. I am quite certain that I cramped his DPS.

There are times I dont mind if you pull.  If you pull a mob off the healer, you have both of our thanks. If it's a special pull by prior arangement, that's OK too.  If the occasional mob decides to like you, I will cope and taunt.

I know that the chances are that "YOU" (gogogo DPS) are not reading this blog, but if you really don't like the pace that the tank is setting, respec/reroll as tank.  Your queues will be much shorter. Otherwise just go, before I kick you.

P.s. Yes this was a response to Tobald's post, and a few others


  1. As a tank i ask, everyone rdy?
    When the healer is at full mana and moves around, i go. When the healer says rdy, i go. When the DPS starts wailing away, i let them die and then go.

    When a tank asks , are you ready, its not directed only towards you DPS-people. Tanks and healers keep a group alive, DPS only make the instance go faster.

    good read foo

  2. As a healer I find nothing more rewarding to the run than good healer/tank chemistry.

    When your healer understands the tank, the next mob pulled, the AOE damage from certain area's, all becomes so much easier as you match each others movements.

    The Tank is equally rewarded knowing that he is about to take several hits at once and the healer is already half way through the cast to heal it.

    This bond, allows the two of you to take things much smoother and keep an eye on each other, as above the DPS are there to make it faster, not smother. Thats the tank/healer chemistry that your gogogo can mess up.

  3. Hey Foo,
    Just linked from Tobold's blog, and liked what I read. I'm more of a solo player, but I think I'll eventually get into tanking with my warrior/paladin/DK.
    I appreciate the ideas you've presented here. I'll try not to be intimidated by stupidity when I start running heroics.


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