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29 August 2012

MOP Tailor

Tailors your cloth at the start of MoP will be demanded, just like it was at the start of Cataclysm and Wrath.

For those that are hunting (and I looked at the incoming search results on the blog - there are a lot of you), according to WoWhead the mists of pandaria bag size will be a 28 slot Royal satchel (tailors to make) and a 24 slot Gummelpack (possibly quest).  I have not seen any evidence yet of new profession bags.

There are two recipees to make advanced cloth: one on a daily cooldown and uses 8 bolts of normal cloth;  The second requires 5 bolts and the 3 of the new 'time gating' item Spirit of Harmony.

Until demand settles down (probably 3-4 months in); you will want to make your special cloth daily; there will be something to use it for.

For the mega-rich who needs crafted product NOW you will need to find a tailor comfortable with farming; you should be able to buy some Spirit's of Harmony off the AH.  There wont be enough to go around for most players for several months.  However, like chaos orbs becoming tradeable, during the close of Mists of Pandaria, you will probably be making a lot of special cloth this way.

When live hits check if your advanced cloth (Imperial silk) is soulbound. If so, then you will be making product for a while to come (if in doubt - check the spellthread prices).  If not; then every tailor will be crafting them long after they are profitable to make.

There will again be 3 spellthreads; Basic/cheap; expensive; and tailor only.  From my view, there is surprisingly little demand for basic spellthreads; as most players seem to only want 'best' or 'nothing'.  While there will be anemic demand for basic spellthreads; there will be a much higher demand for the expensive ones.

Assuming that LFD/LFR is again gated on gear level; PVP gear will be demanded by newly dinged players.  Of course you will level tailoring mostly on the back of PVP gear, so supply will be higher.

For all crafters looking at profitable crafting; you either want to be out in front; or slightly behind the other crafters.

If you are in front (realm first or similar); and can get a supply of Spirit of Harmony; you will be able to demand a premium for starter raiding gear.

If you merely are meh - I will level cloth when I get to it; using the same levelling guide that everyone else uses; you will still pay a fortune; but won't be able to sell stuff.

I have always looked at the cost per point of crafting; taking a bit longer but doing so much much cheaper; and having stuff to sell later.  If you are looking to level on the cheap; there are always options.  Look at that recipee that gives a chance of a level but no one else is selling on the AH.

Finally; you will have useless cra. crafted stuff that no one wants to buy.  That is why you either have or know an enchanter to get something useful out of it.

Finally; for week 1-3; either
  • Already be very rich; and strive to be among the realm firsts now (or not be far behind them); OR
  • sell it now and buy it back for 1/2 price next month instead.


  1. Mogram made a comment on another post, after this was written, but before it was published.

    He recommended that there should be sufficient demand for raiding gear during the first weeks even if you are not up there with realm firsts.

  2. Spirits of Harmony are BOP, you won't be buying them on the AH

  3. Tailors can find cloth commonly on humanoid and occasionally on other types of mobs.selling world of warcraft account


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