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24 August 2012

MOP Scribes (inscription)

Before MOP prequal

I recommend converting inks before MOP drops.  Assuming the MOP lead in events follow that of Cataclysm; you will no longer be able to convert your inks 'down' from (now) cheap blackfallow ink.

I have re-worked the schedules of posts specifically for Scribes; because of this post http://wow.joystiq.com/2012/08/14/patch-5-0-4-releases-on-august-28/

Assuming Blizzard do not change the inks required; you need the following inks from most to least:
  • Ink of the sea (most)
  • Ethereal ink (many)
  • Lion's ink (some)
  • Midnight ink (some)
  • Jadefire ink (some)
  • Celestial ink (some)
  • Shimmering ink (theoretically some; but I have never needed to trade down for this ink)
  • Blackfallow ink (few; and definitely no rush)

From Kaliope's site, there is a new Scroll of Wisdom that you can make to learn new glyphs.

However, I would keep aside mats for the existing Minor Inscription Research(Moonglow ink) ; Northrend Inscription Research (Snowfall ink) and a few Books of Glyph Mastery; just in case.

Before MOP drops

Some glyphs will most likely be 'charred' during the transition to MOP - i.e. turned into vendor trash.  However, Blizzard stuffed up a few glyphs during the transition to cataclysm.  For several weeks I had the only remaining stockpiles of a Mage armor anywhere on the server - for both factions.

This more than made up for the glyphs that got charred.

Many of the old glyphs simply were turned into new glyphs.  We did not know what ones those would be ahead of time.  If I recall, I even gained some of the new glyphs from this transformation

Also; glyph making takes time.  When MOP drops, do you want to make glyphs or do you want to be levelling?

That is make your glyph stockpiles early.  There is no time like the present.

After MOP drops

At 570 you make the new BOE shoulder enchants.  You will want to be in this market; and it appears they use the new advanced ink.  These will be in huge demand.

According to Kaliope's current research, there  will be 20 points of grinding of Runescrolls of fortitude.  If this proves to be true; there will be a huge glut of them, and this glut will last a long long time.

Darkmoon cards can be made at some stage. The prices due to shoulder enchants also consuming rare inks not withstanding; it is worth considering the experience from the start of cataclysm.  These will not be able to be completed until the first darkmoon faire starts.

Off hands; Staffs will be wanted.

Both Gevlon and I recommended selling rare inks as soon as you got them.  We made a lot of gold that way.  Breevok instead made (incredibly expensive) darkmoon trinkets; and posted his trinkets almost as soon as the faire dropped.  He made more even more gold on these than Gevlon or I did on inks.

For darkmoon faire trinkets; what is your risk profile.  If you are a high roller, willing to risk it all for the chance of a fantastic return; then trinkets are for you.   If you are a conservative investor (and I am) then you may consider just selling inks.  Caveat Venditor.


Unless Blizzard changes the milling return rates; the new advanced ink will be very expensive due to the consumption via the shoulder enchants.  Every raider will be replacing shoulder gear regularly and will want these.

I think early trinkets will sell well; reversing my opinion on cataclysm.  However darkmoon trinkets are already subject to RNG; In Cataclysm, the numbers were roughly 32 cards to make your first deck; and then needing 9 cards to make each (8 card) deck after that.  (10 cards if you do not do trading).

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