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30 August 2012

MOP First weeks - the patch that dropped

One thing I didn't expect was that you could create your 11th character now; before you have upgraded to MOP.

Well, starting today; there is a new rush of alts.  Not as many as there will be come September, but definitely some.

(So many monks; so many pandas - most of them panda monks).

Scribes rejoice.  You sell glyphs to levelling toons. You also have new glyphs to learn;  very few glyphs destroyed.

Tailors rejoice.  You sell bags to levelling toons.  For the record; I still don't think that netherweave bags will be required in large quantaties (and yes I still think you will make some gold from them).

However, a large number of tailors have apparently jumped on the Frostweave bag bandwagon (see wow midas).   I am contrarian - so will recommend making Embersilk bags instead.

I also expect a pick up in raiding as players get used to their new rotations; with some loving it; others hating it (and even more re-rolling because of that).

Enjoy the lead up events (or hate them);  either way you have one month to experience them.

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  1. PvP is pretty horrible at the moment if you're not a healer with the DPS nerf, but at least you can try out rotations and test new abilities.

    That said, I play as a ret pally on my main and I can't be any happier with the updates to our class & spec. Ret paladins are completely rocking at the moment for both PvE and PvP!


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