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22 August 2012

MOP Addons

How will you survive when your addons break during the changeover?

One of them will break.  It will most likely be when either the initial patch launches, but might be when MOP is released.  It will be the addon you consider most important **. 

When do you want to learn how to live without addons?  Now, when you have time?  Or later when you are trying to level, your opposition is getting all the sales, and you can barely login?

You could practice living without them right now.

You could hop onto Beta (or PTR), and let your addon authors know of your joy or otherwise.  You could get involved in fixing or testing them.

You could be a small time supplier using the remote auction house. Note that you are limited to the number of auctions you can have up; and it is incredibly easy to use up all of your remote AH slots selling multiples of glyphs.

** Confirmation bias will back me up.  Those with important broken addons will find this post come MoP; those without errors won't even remember it.


  1. I think this will hamper a lot of the glyph market where posting hundreds of auctions at once is the norm. It's critical that addons like TSM are operational on day 1 - but that said, this might also provide an opportunity for a dedicated goblin to post manually when many won't bother and actually corner the initial glyph market.

    Should be interesting in any case

  2. Mogram; do you still have your blog? Your bio says you have one; but when I went looking for it, I found instead a 'blog not found error'.

    (And yes; I do read the bio's of those that leave comments)

    1. Nah, not anymore. I did for a little bit but the readership was poor and I couldn't really commit to a consistent posting schedule. I generally prefer just leaving commentary on other blogs instead :)

  3. a useful strategy is to have backup addons. for example, as well as TradeskillMaster - i also have Auctionator and Auctioneer. i also have 2 backup postal addons etc. if it takes up too much on your machine, then you can disable them but they are still updated.

    also worth a quick half an hour getting used to them again.

    i suspect it will be like taking an umbrella on a walk - only if you do will it not rain!


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