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27 August 2012

MOP Gathering

Sell your gathered items as soon as you can.

Your biggest earning day for the entire MoP expansion will be day 1 of MoP.

Your 2nd biggest day for the entire MoP expansion will be day 2.

Your next biggest day will be day 3.

It will continue like this for the first couple of weeks; where finally you will start seeing gathering days followed by consumption days.

What does this mean to you?  Day 1: Miners and Herbalists : level only by gathering.  Traditionally, 1 node is worth 4 mobs of XP in the same area.  Skinners; skin everything.  Picked up meat, cloth?  Then sell that too.

Have a banking alt sitting next to a mail box and auction house.  Every opportunity mail your loot back to your bank alt, and post it on the auction house.  At least daily if not more often.

Ask a lot.  At first, the demand will outstrip supply.  Secretly - what would you rather be doing?  Gathering or exploring new quests.  So will the other gatherers.  There will be rich buyers out there with nothing to buy.

Some guildies will ask you to donate to the guild bank; so next month they can start leveling their tradeskills.  SELL YOUR STUFF NOW AND DONATE LATER.

Sell everything as soon as you get it.  If you feel generous, buy it back again in a month's time when prices have dropped.  If you feel inclined; you will be able to donate more than you had gathered, with a nice weight of gold sitting in your pockets.

Gatherers; the start of an expansion is your time to earn.  The gathering bots have not yet been written.

Go make hay while the sun shines. 


  1. Personally, I wouldn't 'donate' a damn thing to a guild unless you have a vested interest in donating mats to assist in your own raid progression.

    It would be naive to assume that your generosity would be returned or that the work load would be shared and the rewards that come from it.

    Chances are, you're just the patsy who will enjoy a short feel good moment so that the GM or the guild officers can level up profs for free on your time.

    Don't be a fool, look out for your own needs first and the guild there after.

    Day 1, I'm out farming like many other people too. You'd be a fool not to take full advantage of that window of opportunity!

  2. The advantage of 'sell now', buy back later; is that when you do buy back; you are seeing just how much gold you are donating to the guild. For some gatherers remembering being poor in Cataclysm; you may decide that donating that much gold may be a little excessive.

    A nicer way to put Mogram's comment, is that guilds asking for material donations often don't realise just how much they are asking.

    For the first month; if you feel the need to donate (and despite Mogram's comment above, many will); then sell your gathered mats and put some/all/(none?) of the proceeds in the bank; and let the guild purchase off the AH.

  3. I think I've just been in the game too long and experienced the 'generosity' of too many GMs over the years to not be a touch cynical about it all.

    When ego and server firsts are on the line, people can and will do funny things.

    Depends completely on your guild and your role in it. For many people, it's just a social hangout that provides perks and repair bill costs, whilst the guild skims the cream off your gold drops.

    But for others who are invested in their guild a little more (ie a progression guild?) it might be in their best interest to share the spoils and get raiding asap once the xpac hits.

    Depends completely on your priorities!

  4. Mogram; there is a term from another game that seems to suit : Bittervet.


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