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01 April 2012

Destroyer's end

Last night I healed my way to the 10 man normal Death of Deathwing.

No fixed roster; Every week I can be found in /trade LFM <my current raid>.  At least 4 toons got this achievement tonight; one of them had only ever done LFR.

Most players that have this, also raid mulitple nights/week.  I don't.  I generally only raid once/week;  having recently stepped up to 2 nights/week.

Normally, this means that I have been behind the curve for bosses.  This is the first time I have downed a boss while they are current.  Yes, there was a nerf (10%? 15%?), and it really was a 0.5% kill - We only had 2 toons standing and they looked sickly - I really thought it would be a wipe, we downed him.

I did gear up through LFR : they are quick to do and I did these in addition to my 1-2 nights raiding / week.  The gear was enough.  Before this I had 5 normal mode boss kills on my healer; but I had many mechanics down from my time in DS as tank.

If gear motivates you (and it does for many players), do LFR while you are getting anything, then join raid extensions.  Do you really need another shot at Morchok normal, or are you going to disenchant his loot just like you did the last 10 Morchok kills?

Again, if boss kills motivate you (as it does for me), then if you want to kill a later boss, then kill a later boss by joining a raid extension.

And for crying out loud gem and enchant your gear.  I understand that some of you have less gold than I do, but basic gems and enchants are not that expensive.  There is no excuse not to at least be wearing cata uncommon gems.  If you can't afford best enchants - put something useful on.  Anything is better than unenchanted.  This applies to your offspec gear too.  If I see you in unenchanted ungemmed gear on the armory (even it's PVP) and I do check; then  I am unlikely to take you.

For the casuals out there - who can only raid occaisonally: Take advantage of LFR for gear, and push for those later bosses.

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