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26 April 2012

Panda stockpile : Pets

This is a speculative post.

My priest has two professions - inscription and engineering.  In case you didn't guess, inscription got a workout.  I took Engineering to fill out my set of professions - plus Jeeves and a mailbox is usefull.  To date; I have not made much gold from this toon.

Mists of Pandaria has something for the engineer in my priest - the opportunity to sell pets. Pet battles will be 'fun'. I have read (can not remember where) that pets will be casual friendly.  You will be encouraged to look at your wins - and will be discouraged from looking at your losses.

My young child that sneaks onto my PC and take my ilvl 390+ tank Elwyn Forrest so he can duel lowbies - and lose; He also still watches pokemon.  He will love pet battles - and is part of the target audience.

I have not bothered much with engineering pets before but have found few articles worth looking at:
Over the next few months, I will be dedicating a stockpile to making pets and getting boe recipees.

Like all speculative posts, if everyone jumps onto the bandwagon, then we may end up with oversupply and a price crash.  For my personal opinion - I would be reluctant to call it an upcoming petmass just yet, but I do expect a huge demand for pets.

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