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03 April 2012

Looking back at stockpiling for cataclysm

There were somethings I specifically stockpiled for Cataclysm.
  • Snowfall ink
  • Runecloth
  • Glyphs & glyph making items
I also stockpilied a lot of other things too - mostly a general mix of raw and partially processed Northrend mats.  But today I am talking about stockpiling garbage.

I have the benefit of knowing what and why I wanted snowfall ink: I blogged specifically about it here and here.  I was buying snowfall inks @ 2.5g each.  With general northrend inflation being about 300%, that should put snowfall ink about 10g each.  However the current mean price is 40g, so the inflation on this was over 1000%.

Runecloth, I also stockpiled.  I don't have it written down, but my recollection was that I was buying runecloth for peanuts - I think about 5-10 silver each (marginally more than vendor).  It is now listed for about 1.1g each (though Alliance Caelstras is closer to 25 silver).  Again, about 1000% inflation.  There were players pushing for 'the insane' title, and grinding out huge quantities of runecloth from re-running dire maul dungeons.

I was pleased with my investments - mostly.  The runecloth sold well, but took too a little too much space for the return. However they were still a sound investment if you had empty bag spots.

Snowfall ink's were my best investment - the one I wish I put more away for, and wish I held onto those supplies for longer.

What was special about snowfall ink?  It was a byproduct of making glyphs - which were very much still in demand.  It was considered trash - useless and oversupplied.  But it was still needed for levelling - and especially needed for northrend research.

Based on my last post, I will be creating stockpiles to bring out in 6 months.  I will try not even to look at them in the meantime.  Spare guild banks, unused alts banks will be filled.

The basis for my long term stockpiles for MoP:  What is oversupplied as a byproduct of our current crafting processes?  Zephyrite, Ocean Sapphire, Volatile Earth, Hypnotic dust, and to a lesser degree, Inferno ink come to mind.  Those Cataclysm mats that, as a crafter, you would rather just not see and are vendoring.

These will still be needed later; and a power levelling JC doesn't care if they craft Zephyrite or Carnelians - their guild will tell them to use the cheapest available.  Also recipee collectors will still be doing Cataclysm dailies. 

I assume Volatile earth will likewise be used for levelling, it is selling for peanuts, and stacks very nicely.

There are no safe bets.  There are however informed ones.  

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  1. Re: Volatile earth. Yes. Right before Cata I was buying up Eternal Earths for around 1g a pop. I have been selling them for close to 50g in stacks for about a year. They don't sell every day, but that's a huge return. Ditto on Snowfall Ink, though it moves more slowly. To these, I'd add Abyss Crystals..it was the same <5g to 50g story.

  2. I would like to mention you might want to go the opposite direction, things that are hardish to find that everyone wants (eternal fire's, cobalt ore, titanium ore, etc come to mind) which would translate to things like embersilk cloth, obsidium, pyrite, and things like that which are still going to be in demand in panda, but are going to be in far less supply...

    I've been selling (and flipping) those items for 2-3x what i was buying them for in wrath, and are likely to be overlooked because they;re so common

  3. Eternal Earth, yes. It's needed to get you over a hump in jewelcrafting. Volatile Earth? Maybe a little, but I don't think it will be needed for leveling. It's an ingredient for hardened elementium bars, a blue leatherworking pattern, a blue blacksmithing pattern, and I think mining bags. It's also used in 1 alchemy pattern and 1 enchanting pattern. Mostly, the volatile earth will be useless because none of these items except the bag will be in demand (and even then the bag will be a niche market), and none of these are needed in the leveling process.

    Don't bother stockpiling any Cataclysm rare gems. They are hardly needed now for leveling jewelcrafting if you craft pvp gear and do the fire prism. They won't be needed at all for Mists jewelcrafting leveling. The low quality gems will be needed.

    The Snowfall Ink is a good idea, however I'm going to wait before stockpiling it until I see on the beta more details about inscription leveling. They may change the requirements of the daily research.

    I have no problem stockpiling Hypnotic Dust, in fact I have thousands I already can't use up fast enough. What I would love is for Blizzard to put a vendor price on it...

  4. Idr when... end of bc perhaps? Blizzard actually took the sell to vendor price off of enchanting mats


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