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24 April 2012

Back in action

PC is back up and restored - woo hoo - or actually - a fair bit of time.  I knew there was a reason I paid them to build my last PC.

I had not been on much during the week - and nearly missed out on a very successful gold bid run on Friday night.  Scheduled start time to madness kill - 3.5 hours.  Very nice for a pug; I have found that many of the richer toons also have done well at raiding. 

I am bleeding gold on those things - so many purples to buy; though not for long.  My tank is nearly normal best in slot and has a few (ugggh) DPS pieces.  My priest still has a bit to buy.  In case you didn't know - I don't DPS much.  On a positive note for the blog, it at least gives me something to go and earn gold - and hence to have something to talk about.

If you are on Caelsetrasz Alliance, and wish to participate in 25 gold bid raiding, either leave a  message here, or in game mail foofixit and I will pass your name onto the organizers.  And yes - DPS are needed even more than tanks and healers (and I am a truly awful melee DPS ).

On a different note; for me; normal Madness is down - on my tank and my healer; still with mostly one night/week raiding (though I have put in a second night a 1/2 dozen times).  This means that I am now looking at the next step - Heroic raiding.

Ideally - the gold bid runs will start some bosses on heroic soon - though I can well imaging the desire to spend a few more weeks farming Madness until the gold rich  have the purples they want.   (Yes I know the organizers read this blog - but that need not stop me from wishing.).  Many (but not all) of my preferred comrades at arms are in the gold bid run, and they are still getting nice drops.  Even I am happy to get a few more pieces.

That leaves the possibility of Saturday nights learning heroic modes.  I have been advised to try Heroic Morchok, then Ultraxian; and that seems reasonable.  If you need a 'destroyer' tank or healer on a (probably) Saturday night, or are interested in joining a group for the same - let me know - again either on this blog or via Caelestrasz Alliance - Foolich or Foofixit.

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