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14 April 2012

Good news, bad news

Woo Hoo - I have Mists of Betadaria.  I should be able to find something from this to post about.

Sad news. My PC crashed - again. Last time it was a power supply failure; this time it is a hard drive failure.  Nothing says irritating like a PC deciding to reboot part way through the startup sequence when you are meant to be logging in for a raid.

Fortunately I had a second PC with WoW.  It pulls 3 frames per second at the auction house - so it just might not be up to Ultraxian 25 man.  It was also out of date and I had to install two separate patches.  I did login and let a couple players know that I was unable to raid; and withdrew my acceptance of the (quite successful) 25 man gold bid runs.

For those of a technical mind: I installed Knoppix on a USB drive and used this to copy my files from my failed hard drive to another network drive (1/2 day); and am in the process of running a drive diagnostic (smartmon - another 3 hours).  I will then reformat and re-install my windows installation.

Now; where did I put that windows install disk?


  1. FYI: the run ended after a spine kill, and a nice pot :)

  2. Buy a 64G Solid-State-Disk (SSD) and install it as a second drive. Move WoW to it, and always run from there. If your machine crashes you can easily move the drive, and WoW's growing lag problems disappear! They're only about $100...


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