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29 March 2012

Stockpiling for Mists

In my previous post, I talked about stockpiling for Mists in the most general of terms; giving just a few clues.

This post talks about WoW Midas's inflation chart (go read it if you haven't recently).  It is flawed and incomplete; yet is the most rigourous compiled over time worksheet I know of.  I can pick apart the snapshot of any one item.  What I can't pick apart is the numbers as a whole - especially the comparitvly small month on month numbers vs the year on year numbers.

So what expansion should I stockpile? Classic is meh; BC is interesting, but Wrath mats have real inflation.  It is interesting to note that Cataclysm mats have fallen despite the huge influx of gold from this expansion.

So, we look at the Wrath index on a month by month basis.  Again any individual point can have statisical noise (April and July), but overall, the graph is fairly consistent.

It tells me: No significant price rise while the majority of players still have Wrath mats in their bank, but after those have sold (in about 6 months), then prices rose 200% to 250%.

I see no reason not to expect the same outcome for Cataclysm based mats in the next expansion.

Based on this very general information, as a basic 'what to stock'; a mix of cataclysm mats (basic ore, basic leather, basic herbs) with the intention of selling items after 6 months into Mists seems to be a reasonable option.  This seems to be far better than just letting gold rot (due to inflation) in the bank.

There will be future topics on this, both on my blog and on others.  What to stock coming up to the next expansion will become a hot topic revitalising many blogs and blog readerships.


  1. "I see no reason not to expect the same outcome for Wrath based mats in the next expansion."

    Should that say, "Cataclysm-based mats?"

  2. Does this hold true for other leveling mats? Im sure you will cover later, but what about BC or classic mats that will be needed for leveling the new professions?

    I also want to note that while there were new characters to be leveled due to worgen/goblin, they were also able to be race changed too, and we had no new class.

    this expansion we have a new class which will make it similar to when dks were introduced and their need for mats lvling mats. not to mention bags.

    1. Bags will be pretty huge, its a safe bet to stockpile some 22-24 slotters and expect a huge return on launch day

  3. Foo, full spreadsheet now available. Sorry for all the hard work you went through already!

  4. @WowMidas : Thanks.
    @Anonymous Mar 29 : Some bloggers have previously talked about profession levelling kits and the success they had; but personally I haven't bothered with them.
    @Anonymous Mar 30 : Eeek. No such thing as a safe bet. You got your own post in response.


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