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18 March 2012

We all know the glyph market is dead right?

I got back from my trip, even with a working PC, posted a few auctions thursday night, went to bed.  Raided DS10.

We know that the glyph market is dead.  Even WoW insider said so.

So, I collected my auctions (I don't camp, and am only posting once per day at the moment), and got:
  • 500g in gem sales (that barely covers my deposit on the number of different gems I post)
  • 4000g in glyph sales (horde side)
  • Blessed all in alliance side glyph sales.
I have found that glyph sales are cyclical. 
 More alts or new toons -> more sales.  The new scrolls of resurection won't hurt either.  Prices go up a little.
  • More sales means the competition takes notice, causing downward price pressure.
  • Cheap players buy out glyphs they might want, providing some sales
  • Eventually you get two or three toons slugging it out, and either by 1c undercuts, or by very deep undercutting, you end up without profitable sales.  Either way prices and sales go down
  • Glyph sellers get emotionally tied up in their sales, and stay in the market far longer than any justifcation of gold can support.
  • Then one day, they drop out of the market.  They will often blame outside factors, but I would not be surprised to find that spending hours earning 100's of gold causes outside factors to be more interesting.
  • Prices skyrocket to what the market will bear.

I have seen several cycles of stiff competition.  It really does drive out the other manufacturers.  It even drove me away for a while.  When all the competitors get tired, and dissapear, then prices spring back up again.

But for the time being:  You go on thinking that the glyph market is dead.  Especailly Caelestrasz horde side.  Nothing to see over there.


  1. Lol, I laughed at that horribly wrong post too. Keep on thinking its dead and I'll keep selling glyphs to all the alts and SoR returning characters.

    They reach for topics over there sometimes and sometime they are just plain wrong.

    1. Not exactly. I've read Basil's stuff for a long time, and there's often a sneaky undercurrent to what he does. It's his style.

  2. Well, what I did was get tired of being undercut by 1c, so I just find every glyph over 30g and post 'em at 29.99.99. Since raw cost of herbs is about 20g a glyph on my server, it's all good.

    Now, rather than checking constantly for undercuts, I just post a few of each that are currently commanding a premium, and enjoy the Schadenfreude.

  3. I do not get WHY the glyph market is so horrible. I mean the prices anyway. I mean we pay 2-300g (ish) for gems we will replace and gripe horribly if a glyph is more than 100g, that we will NEVER have to learn ever again. I just don't get it. The common sense here is lost on me. It seems to me it's like people are willing to pay more for a car they KNOW they will replace than for a home.

    1. Not long ago I raised my fallback for glyphs to 500g. It worked!

  4. Foo, your spreading rumors.....the glyph market is really really dead. I wouldnt waste my time in the glyph market. :)


  5. Basil didn't say the glyph market is dead. He didn't even "the glyph market", he was talking about the Inscription profession. At this point in time, glyphs are your biggest money-maker for inscription, but there is very low demand for darkmoon faire cards or crafted relics. Mysterious fortune cards may even (depending on your server) give you better return than glyphs.

    He compared it to other crafting professions, and I believe (but he didn't do a good job of stating it) he was factoring in the amount of time it takes to farm or buy herbs, mill them, make the glyphs, and post them. From that perspective, to me it's just like jewelcrafting, except there are literally hundreds of glyphs, while there are literally only dozens of different gem cuts. I think you have to put in more effort with the glyph market to make the same amount of gold as you would in the gem market.

    That all said, if you're willing to put the effort in, I believe you can make more money as a scribe than you can an engineer or a leatherworker. Compared to blacksmithing, tailoring, and jewelcrafting though, I think it still falls behind.

    I am happy to report that from Aug 28, 2011 to the present, I have made over 193k profit just from glyphs, plus 38k from mysterious fortune cards, 78k from darkmoon cards, 11.8k from darkmoon decks.
    Total: 320k

    In the same time frame, from my jewelcrafting efforts (this is all profit, factoring in failed auctions, loss from buying raw to cut):
    inferno ruby 83852
    ember topaz 82709
    amberjewel 23652
    dream emerald 13398
    ocean sapphire 7226
    demonseye 26142

    queen's garnet 27019
    lava coral 14506
    lightstone 33441
    elven peridot -9267
    shadow spinel -11088

    shadowspirit diamond 29387

    Total from jewelcrafting: 320,977 gold over 6 months.

    I even surprise myself. I thought I would have made a lot more from jewelcrafting. Instead, nearly the same from each profession.

  6. You know what they say, consistency is the key. I made a lot of gold with glyphs because I never gave up on them. I was always there through the different trends.

  7. i tried the glyph market in my first maoney making enterprise and I can safely say...NEVER AGAIN the shear amount of time to craft these things and the meager rewards(on my servers) you get for that time is just not worth the time investment and the eventual carpal tunnel...i understand on some servers it can be a good choice but for the vast majority it just plain sucks

  8. / agree

    When 4.3 hit, two things happened with my selling:

    1. I attacked the JC market like white on rice. I put in 15 hours or so in sheer, ferocious AH posting and riposting. For my effort, I netted a quarter million. I had not hoarded ore, either. I spent the week buying and prospecting, until the price of Elementium went up above 80g per stack and gem prices were coming down. Then I eased out. It was a fantastic opportunity.

    2. I left the glyph market. For two reasons. One, because the year before, when Cata hit, glyph selling sucked balls. No one cared about glyphs, everyone was leveling 80s to 85s. I figured the same would be true with 4.3. Two, because 4.3 broke Auction Profit Master for good /cry. And I had dabbled with TSM before, and left, disgusted with how unintuitive it was.

    Turns out, its complexity is a competitive barrier. Finally, a month ago, I decided to quit my qqing and just sit through some "how to use TSM" videos. A couple of hours well spent. Now I can AH with the best of them, and it has the functionality that outdoes APM.

    Unfortunately, on Malygos we have at least 4-5 other serious glyph sellers. As in, most appear to list every day, and I suspect some do so twice a day. That said, it does not appear that they all craft daily.

    Getting back into glyphs finally did move the needle for me....I had been stuck since the JC bonanza and (mostly thanks to glyph selling) am up 100k since I started using TSM.

  9. If you really want to survive the glyph posting and canceling cycle with tam learn how to use the scroll feature on your mouse to cancel and post

    1. Tam equals tsm. Darn iPad and auto correct


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