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22 March 2012

Misty piles of stock

Back in the dying days of Northrend, we were asking this same question.  Albeit a little closer to the release date.

There are two things I would encourage readers to look at:

Cold runs a montly blogging carnival here, and apparently he publises the topics around the 11th April. I thank him for suggesting the topic.  Yes, this time I will particpate.


  1. Would love to have you along with us for the blogging carnival.

  2. Just looked at Wow Midas' figures and I'd take them with a grain of salt. It would each column is only a single point in time snapshot. Not a monthly average etc.

    Someone could quite easily (and most likely) just reset the prices on Arcane and Infinite dust.
    As someone who's levelling my 3rd enchanter at the moment, I've seen Arcane dust on Cael fluctuate between 18g and 200g a stack this week alone. Admittedly Inf dust is in short supply if you've got to buy it and few people are selling it. Luckily I make my own much more economically.
    I noticed Goldthorn was 300g a stack earlier this week. Usual? No. At that point it time it was but there were only 6 stacks on the AH, all from the same seller. Doesn't make it a good guide to the average price of Goldthorn for the month


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