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30 September 2011

Sovereign Risk

Sovereign Risk is where a government does not pay it's debts in the previously agreed upon manner.

In WoW, we have a high degree of something very similar Sovereign risk, especially around patches.

The current batch of gold bloggers are actually a fairly quietly spoken group.   Players on Blizzard forums are slightly louder.  WTF no EPIC gem in ore; JC tokens FFS; /prof quit; /gquit; /game quit

Or in other words:
Dear Blizzard
I have been dutifully stockpiling pyrite ore and jewelcrafter daily tokens on the expectation that you will give us Epic gems and Epic gem cuts from these, as part of patch 4.2; or at the latest, patch 4.3.

I am most disappointed that you have not followed your previous behaviour.  With all due respect this has cost me a large amount of gold, and I will be now unable to reach the gold cap.

Please find attached a demand for profit owing to me that you have unjustifiably denied me as part of this change.   If you do not comply, I will launch procedings in the appropriate and inappropriate forums.

Yours sincerely
One annoyed JC.

Blizzard's response : I am altering the deal. Pray I don't alter it any further.

Sovereign risk; or the risk that blizzard will change the rules; or will not follow precedent is a fact of WoW.  This risk is real, and needs to be taken into account when stockpiling for future changes.

To make matters even worse; Blizzard never promised JC's a gold mine; only our sense of entitlement. Ghostcrawler sometimes promises a pony, but even then it is a forward looking statement subject to change.

As much as WoLK had epic gems handed to JC's; we were also warned.  Blizzard wants advanced toons to be responsible for advanced profits:
  • Soulbound Chaos orbs
  • (Originally) needed to do 1/2 of twilight highlands (i.e. be lvl 84.5) to get best crafting recipees, including the ability to level tradeskills to 525.
  • Raiders as the source of updated recipees and BOEs.
Once upon a time; leading raiders were a broke bunch. Heaven forbid; these days Raiders (the elite that Blizzard want's us to aspire to) will be the source of gems, and possibly even recipees.

As a gold maker; concentrate on the easy gold.  I am still making a bundle on northrend gem cuts (rare and epic).  When 4.3 drops; if you want to sell the newest cuts; go and raid.

Make sure your alchemists are lined up with mats for transmutes (there are new recipees).  Also consider getting them raid ready (at least troll dungeon) in case the tranmute recipees turn out to be raid drops (unlikely but still possible).  Organise this with not only your own toons, but also guildy toons.  Make your networks now.

Me? I will continue reaping the profits of Northrend gems.

And finally, if you want to be up on the latest recipees : Go raid.  I organise friday night only raids; I am going bald with the stress of putting them together; keeping everyone happy and moving, but we are raiding.


  1. This was an excellent point and well written, except for the part that needlessly stretches to compare a group of people attempting to find pattern where there is none and then comparing the organization that 'wronged' that group to a governments obligations.

  2. @anon.

    Stretch? I wish.

    In Australia, looking at the front pages of our right leaning newspapers, sovereign risk now means anything that our left leaning government does that big business doesn't like. See this google search for Australian sovereign risk

  3. Ive seen it as this: if you stockpiled pyrite, you were being greedy and trying to put money into something that was unlikely to happen.

    That's what people get for trying to be smart.

  4. Well said.
    Also, 'entitlement' seems to be a key word tied to this expansion.

  5. RAWR... lol... well composed "letter"... I smirked at that creative writing...

    WHAHHH WHAHHHH WHAHHHH... bliz took mahh pixels (gold) lol... The game is risk free.. there is nothing real about it, its pixels and fun... I enjoy the risk and enjoy the amusement of playing the market.. if your intents are not fun and such... why are you playing the game... go play football, or monopoly, or get a job where you are guaranteed to win all the time... wait... that does not make sense.. ITS CALLED LIFE.. LIVE IT, LOVE IT, ENJOY IT, HAVE FUN, LAUGH, LEARN, GROW, SMILE... AND ALL THE GOOD THINGS...

    FOO QUIT PULLING YOU HAIR OUT WITH THE RAIDS... :-) Be good brother.. have fun

  6. Well put. I am amazed at the respond on the forums, however it is a "typical" (yes gross generalisation) response to change from the age demographic of 15-25. (I am saying that as a 40+yo with a teenage son who also plays wow & dabbles in the gold market.)

    In the real world gone are the days of entitlement, get over it, deal with it and move on. Thank you for Blizzard demonstrating the same thing in a virtual sense.

    *Off to sell more over priced leg enchants*


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