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09 September 2011

Glyph predictions 4.3

I've been looking at my crystal ball, and I think I see a few things. 

I expect that there will be new tanking glyphs.  New glyphs give players additional choice, and will 'allow' tanks some options for mitigation.  These 'choices' are in reality likely to be mandatory.
Scribes will be able to learn all research major and prime glyphs from either Books of glyph mastery (no cooldown), or via "northrend" research (or a similarly named skill).  While this has already been flagged as something that will happen, I expect it to occur in patch 4.3.

If the combinations of the above two items are true, then there should be a short term increase in demand for Books of glyph mastery, followed by a sustained and significant fall in demand.

I think there is a possibility that "northrend" research will be renamed, and will require inferno ink instead of snowfall ink.  If this occurs, the price of snowfall ink will plumet, and inferno ink will rise temporarily.  This in turn will lead to a shortage of 'cheap' crafted trinkets, and possibly a fall in the value of volatile life.

Crystal balls are interesting things, and are generally subject to interpretation. This community has only middling luck with predicting future pricing; and even when we do guess things correctly - we tend to over stockpile, causing the opposite effect of what was forseen.

Caveat Emptor


  1. Didn't Blizzard already state that new glyphs would no longer need to be learned from books? It was a response to the outcry from the community about how much of a pain it can be to obtain the books post-Wrath.

  2. They are not eliminating Books, there are just going to be no Book of Glyph Mastery only recipes. You will be able to learn all glyphs through Northrend Research. Book of Glyph Mastery will just give you a no cooldown version, if you're will to pay for it.


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