03 September 2011

WoW Midas's top 10 lessons learned

I like the WoW Midas site. He offers an objective measure of WoW inflation/deflation on Vanilla, BC, Northrend and Cata Mats, great reasearch.

He also has a post for the bloggers (and those thinking about blogging) out there : Gold Blogging Top 10 lessons learned

Finally theunderminejournal.com is looking for new blogs to syndicate.  It is the largest driver of traffic to my site.  Please drop them a line via their contact form with the address for your blog suggestion. The blog must:
  • Discuss the WoW economy in most articles
  • Use correct spelling, capitalization, punctuation and grammar
  • Show an effort to provide new ideas
  • Provide an RSS or Atom feed with at least the first 5 paragraphs or 1,200 characters
(As a side note: they seem to be content with nearly correct spelling and grammar - I can't pretend that I always succeed on these two items.)

1 comment:

  1. Guess who took your advice and started his own blog. Yup Critical. Nothing close to what TUJ is looking for but its a start and hopefully adds value to the blogsphere.

    Thanks Foo for all the exposure you gave me. Without it Critical would not be who he is today. Feel free to stop by anytime. In the same way you never deleted my comments no matter how critical, yours would be safe on mine.

    Readers get ready to be wowed! No seriously. Critical promises to share everything there is to know on how to "Own Your Glyph Market". Hope to see familiar faces!


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