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12 September 2011

Blue post coy on Epic Gems 4.3

I'm harping on a theme - but I've just seen a Blizzard post coy on epic gems in 4.3 here .

My theory has been that the purpose of Epic gems is to nerf older content. There is a possibility that a very slow release of Epic gems may be used to gate access to deeper 4.3 raid content.  Note: Having JC's with thousands of tokens, stockpiled pyrite ore, capped Justice/Valor/Honor points ready to pounce does not count as a slow release.

Player 1 : If they don't release epic gems in 4.3 i will be mad
Player 2 : Protip: they won't.  Sometime mid 4.3, maybe, as an indirect nerf to the content. But not at the start.
Player 1 : i mad

Blizzard : A more useful reply would contain details of why, in your opinion, epic gems should be added sooner, how it would benefit the game as a whole, the knock-on effect to progression, something like that. You being mad wouldn't be a solid reason I can pass on to the devs :(

As JC's we are salivating at the possibility of gemmas (myself included).  My advice is to be rational instead of emotional.  Just because you want it, does not mean you get it.


  1. Eh... I have never really seen epic gems as a nerfing mechanic. It is more of a "keeping profession bonuses relevant" mechanic, as with each passing tier the bonuses become less and less of a percentage of your overall stats. Why care about maxing out a profession for +80 Strength when that is the equivalent of upgrading your boots?

    The irony here though is how epic gems are basically justified only via Blacksmiths - every other profession bonus, including JC, can just be arbitrarily increased, but BS can only be increased via the difference in epic gems. If the BS bonus wasn't extra sockets, they would not need epic gems at all.

  2. My post on the forums promoting epic gems in hopes it is seen by Blizzard. I suggest people read it and contribute.

    Thanks for the heads up Foo! Best WoW blog I have come across.

  3. @anonymous. Thanks for the kind words.

    @Azuriel. Maybe. BS bonuses could be solved by adding an addtional tinker to a specific slot for cata gear; or even , or giving items in those slots a +X% bonus.

    However you look at it, Epic gems would an addition to the tuning mix - making older content easier, and being required for newer content.

  4. Hehe, I'm Player 2

  5. I'm still waiting to laugh, if Pyrite doesn't contain epic gems at all.

    It is called Fool's Gold after all.

  6. Gotta say I've been referring to epic gems from pyrite as "the long awaited punchline". If blizz does decide to a) make epics come from something other than pyrite and b) produce a grindable vendor for the recipes then life on the crafting forums is going to get very interesting. I've only got about 30-40k invested in pyrite so it's no biggie.


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