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06 September 2011

JC's daily - the other one

I assume that most JC's still doing their Stormwind/Ogrimar JC dailies : to pick up their gem cuts  that they don't already have, get a chimera eye, or stockpiling JC tokens in case 4.3 drops trainable epic cuts.  Assuming we get trainable epic cuts, and assuming they use the existing Cata JC tokens, we will want hundreds of tokens.

However, there are another set of profitable dailies to do in Dalaran providing Northrend JC tokens.  Just like the Cata dailies, these provide either recipes or an eye (in this case Dragon's eye).  The Daily takes 15 minutes, and usually requires 2 green quality northrend gems - prospectable, usually available cheap on the AH.
  • 1 daily token can be traded for a Dragon's eye, selling uncut for an average US market price of  Alliance 160g & Horde 185g, even more cut into a nightmare tear.
  • 5 4 daily tokens can be traded for an epic northrend gem cut.  I buy uncut northrend epic gems for up to 100g, selling 21 in the last week for 6.5k sales.  Won't make me a WoW millionaire overnight, but I already have a JC, and it is easy gold.

On the note of Epic cuts, most other bloggers I read are sure that 4.3 will drop epic cuts;  just like we had epics from northrend - with prospectable gems - most likely from pyrite ore.  There is nothing so dangerous as 'knowing' something.  Neither BC or Northrend epic gems were first released in this manner at first.  There is every chance this will occur, but you will get little sympathy from me if it doesn't happen.  I will be eagerly following patch notes from the PTR.

There are a couple of options for self powered transport to Dalaran.  First of all you can set your hearth there & portal back to Stormwind/Origmar (yes they put those portals back).  Many guild's now have 'cooperation' cloaks giving you a personal portal ever 4 or 8 hours.  Finally, there is a ring of the Kirin Torr, purchasable for 7k (less rep discount?) that allows you to port back to Dalaran.


  1. Quick correction for you: the epic cuts are 4 tokens [I've been doing them too - will have all the cuts done in about a month]

  2. I'm not so sure we'll ever get epic gems in cataclysm and even if we do I have a hunch we won't like how they're implemented.

    Here's a link to my take on epic gems


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