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10 September 2011

LFM 2Tank+3Heal BWD Must know fight WTF

I really don't understand DPS organisers of raids - not when they advertise for the hardest to fill roles, and put this kind of barrier up.

Sure, if you get 2 experienced tanks, 3 healers that know the fights, chances are you will get a full clear.   That's a pretty big if.  No tanks, no healers mean no raids.  However, I complain if I have to wait 3 minutes for DPS to respond.

I do prefer a certain level of experience in firelands raiding, and would certainly prefer any toon I took to have some raiding experience, but for Tier 11?  If you are so short of tanks or healers that you are pugging, it's time to recruit new tanks and healers - at whatever level of skill or gear.

I want to pug exactly those players that want to run as tank or healer - those looking for a new challange, or simply are prepared to take on the responsibility.


  1. PuGs like that are the ones smart players avoid like the plague. Personally I'd never even think about starting a PuG without at least one good tank and one good healer I know nailed down first.

  2. I have a DPS, 2 healers and a tank which are very comfortable ZA/ZG, FL trash but do you think I can get them a run in a raid? Nope partially because of this approach. I am in a small guild who use to raid Lich King with a couple of other guild, both no collapsed with cata, so we just don't raid. Sad really.

  3. Usually I am the tank or the healer... Problem partially solved... guildees and friends help close up some gaps.. a good DPS is nice to have.. it benchmarks for the PUGS how much they are bad... and makes them push in many cases...

    But yeah... I frequently do not like or trust a pug RL that is not a tank or healer...

    Funny note: "LFM 4 DPS, 3 healers, 2 tanks for XXX" lawl...


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