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01 October 2011

Dragon's Eye anomoly

Dragon's eyes are used for a Northrend JC +10 all stats gem (nightmare tear).  Nightmare tears sell moderately well.  Not a great many, but more than I had been able to aquire mats for. 

The eyes are obtainable via
  • the daily northend JC quest; purchasing a dragon's eye with the token
  • A damaged necklace quest
  • and sometimes contained in an icy prism;
  • and finally turning 10 titanium powder (drop from prospecting titanium ore)
All in all, not particularly easy to get.  Or so I thought.

A couple of days ago, I purchased 200 of them off the AH for 60% of their going rate (I couldn't keep up with stock before, so this was a good deal).

The seller whispered me and offered to sell more.  I bought another 1010 at a cheaper price.  I chatted, and was under the impression that was all he had.

Another toon - with 1 character difference in the name has just posted another nearly 700 dragon's eyes.  If I knew that that was it for him, then I might be interested.  However, he is able to either:
  • grind out 700 dragon's eyes in a day, or
  • misled me as to how many he has.

Either way, the price is heading south for both Dragon's eyes and nightmare tears on my server.  I do not intend to prop it up any further.  Too much supply, and not enough demand.

The strange thing is that this guy has a supply that no one else knows about yet.  I was looking at the undermine journal for this item, and Alliance Caelestrasz seems to be the only oversupplied AH (at least according to a straw poll of the other markets chart).

So, anyone on Caelestrasz want to buy Nightmare tears? going cheap.


  1. If I recall correctly the cooldown was removed from the Icy Prism, which can contain the eyes and can also contain epic Wrath gems.

    On my server a cut epic Wrath gem will go for 300g and so I imagine it's possible the guy's doing some form of Icy Prism shuffle which results in a lot of eyes.

  2. Wowhead lists the eyes at 10% chance per prism (I don't know if that's accurate, but it feels accurate from my memory of wrath.)

    Assuming simple math that would be seven thousand icy prisms, or about 9 hours of making prisms and socking them away. That's leaving alone all the prospecting and dealing with the "warm" gems being converted to jewelry and de'd.

    If he's legitimately making them with prisms (and I can't think of any other way to get so many), he's *got* to have a lot of other stuff that a shuffle would be spitting out that you could track.

    (or it could be he made 700 prisms and has some sort of glitch that lets him reopen a prism "fresh" to fish for good drops.)


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