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22 October 2011

AH abuse - a response

MoxNix from The Gold Mint has a post about how botting campers are ruining our markets, and his proposal to change the deposit mechanism to fix it.

I'm not so sure; either with the root of the problem or his proposed solution.

Markets work brilliantly when you can buy dirt cheap, and sell with a large profit.  Markets work badly when  you buy very expensive and sell at a loss.

I agree that there are campers that 1c undercut.  Some of these campers are bots.

The real problem is this:
  • It costs you 15g to make a glyph.
  • You are willing to sell that glyph for 20g
  • The market is willing to pay 300g
  • The market buys based on cheapest price
There is a huge markup on any particular (non-levelling/vendor taught) glyph.  It encourages you to try

What could Blizzard do?
  • MoxNix's solution : 10% additional deposit based on buyout price; refunded on sale or expiration of auction.  Campers increase their stock to at least 1 full stack of glyphs and post 12 hourly auctions; recrafting as necessary, but don't cancel auctions.  We still end up with undercuts, and the market doesnt get a chance to reset.  This also leaves in place glyph walls - what CG has been advocating to discourage competition.
  • Make every glyph vendor taught.  With a flood of new scribes, it would kill the 1c camper model immediately.  The number of sellers exceeds the number of buyers and the prices crash.
  • Put a 'per auction' click required on the posting of auctions - Blizzard already tried that.
  • Limit the number of auctions someone can post.  It would certainly cause prices to rise;
What can I do as a player vs bots?
  • Know my costs; know my minimum margins and list auctions at my minimum price.
Campers hate it.  If their minimum profit is less than yours they will still sell; but at a 10% (or less) of their previous GPH.  You may even find bots selling at losses.  If their minimum profit is more than yours they leave the market.

Of course the prices have still crashed, and you might not be better off, but at least you have some control.


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  3. 1c repost undercutters vs. glyph wallers... both are abusive practices, it's just a matter of point of view. A substantial listing cost would combat both and be fairer for everyone, scribe and consumer alike. It ought to cost a few thousand to maintain a wall of 3-4k glyphs. A proper solution will get rid of both, or at least make them cost enough in relation server resources they needlessly consume.

  4. If you make the fees too high you will stop a lot of people from selling on the AH. Turn glyph postings to a gold a post to get what you ask for. I dont see how that stops the undercutters.


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