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25 October 2011

Gated gems will lead to (more) ungemmed toons

Have you ever heard someone say - "I don't want to gem it or enchant it - I will replace it soon!!" ?

Many players want to be 'the best' or will try to tell you it doesn't matter.  Most toons - seeking red slot gems; use inferno rubies or nothing. 
(new cut stats taken from db.mmo-champion.com)
A cut JC chimera eye will give + 77 stat
A cut JC Chimera eye currently gives +67 stat.
A cut Queens garnet will give you +50 stat : costing???
A cut inferno ruby gives you +40 stat : costing 100-140g
A cut carnelian gives you +30 stat : costing 30g.
Even a cut hessonite gives you +15 stat plus something usefull  : costing 8g; half a quest reward.

Now, epic gems in Cata won't be like Wrath; being gated they will be very expensive at first while toons are replacing gear.  

Bleeding edge raiders may drop a profession and take up JC'ing now; and will get (I think) +30 stat on day one.

I will be gemming everything I get with what I think is worth gold/point.  I expect that is likely to be inferno rubies for the first month of 4.3.  My (non raiding) JC will love the extra bonus but doesn't have the gear to really benefit from it

Joe average will get a lot of gear from the new raid finder.  However, I expect John Pug to decide they can't afford the best so will leave the slot empty.  Because of this, I expect the gating to be unlocked 1/2 way between 4.3 and 5.0.  (WAG : I'll predict in March 2012 you can prospect Epic gems from Pyrite Ore.)

There are toons that won't wear blue stuff.  I do expect to sell more Northrend epic gems.  'Cheap Epicnezz lol' to keep you purple.


  1. Do you really think Blizz will make raw epic gems prospectable? I hope hope hope you are right but i have a daunting feeling that we wont see it.

  2. @johnofeight

    Yes I do.

    However I have a working theory on Epic gems; their primary purpose is to 'stealth' nerf older content. (See also why should blizard introduce epic cata gems

    It also looks that for 4.3 it will be a form of gating; keeping later countent just a little bit further out of reach untill you have ground out the starting bosses a bit

    I expect them to be released 1/2 way between patch 4.3 and patch 5.0


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