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You are most likely here because you enjoy crafting. I have been reading up on some of the WoW issues regarding gold making, which make me realize that WoW is not the game for me.

If you want to play a game where gathering and crafting is the cornerstone of the economy, and are not faint of heart, I recommend EVE Online. EVE even has releases purely to support industry. You can play for free if you are good enough manufacturer or trader.

Be the builder in a villainous world.

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15 June 2011

Updated blogroll - slow news day

The servers are down - so much for a 1 hour rolling restart.

While I am working on a new 'shiny tool' for another profession (heaven forbid - It's not inscription), it's still in the "I'm gonna do this" rather than an actually usefull "I've done this".  Oh well, one day.

I am however tired of reading my old bloglist with Avion/Rift/Star Wars/Lord of the Rings/Some other game I don't have, so I did a great purge and bloglist recreation.  The chances are good that I have offended someone unintentionally (or otherwise). The last time I did this, I left of a few blogs that I really wanted to read.

If you think I would be interested in reading your (or someone else's) blog on an ongoing basis, please leave a comment.

To make it to this bloglist, I am after the some of the following things:
  • 3 months of blogging; 
  • Most posts about WoW;
  • Gold making posts, with an emphasis on the how;
  • WoW stuff that I didn't know and wanted to.
  • WoW stuff that I want other people to know.
  • I like places that teach/encourage good healing & tanking.
For those newer to blogging, please persevere.  Every WoW blog started with a post.  Feel free to mention your WoW related website, and I will look at it again in a little while.

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