09 June 2011

Kaye Toogie

Kaye Toogie is a vendor for difficult to get engineering pet recipees - 3 different dragonlings - 2 pets and a level 50 trinket.  These are limited supply options.  According to the undermine journal the pet recipes are sufficiently available, but the trinket recipe is in very rare supply; with prices across servers ranging from a few hundred to 10,000g.  The servers with undermine journal recipe prices at a few hundred do not have any supply.

You get to her via the Engineer Wormhole generator, but it is very rare.  Apparently you can't camp her either - as she is only active for the first hour after your teleport.

Admittidly, I don't use my generator every cooldown, but tonight is the first time I have managed to get the Underground option. Woo Hoo.

She was sold out.  Sob sob.


  1. I've gotten to Kaye a total of 4 times now, each time she's been sold out. I still stay as long as she'll open a vendor window for me, just in case.

  2. I did not know about this. I have an engineer as an alt and I admit I don't do a lot of reading on the subject. Thanks for the post, I am off to try my luck.


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