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27 June 2011

Fortune Cookie as preferred stat food

Personally I don't like making fortune cards for sales to suckers.  I will make them to order, and sell them.  I will use them as bribes.  I just have difficulty recommending that someone tries to get rich on them (because they won't). 

However, they do make a good +90 stat food.  My objections are smaller here.

On our server, you can make a fortune card for 7.5g just from AH bought inks (cheaper if you mill your own).  Turning these into fortune cookies costs an additional copper and a global cooldown (or even less if you have a chef's hat).

In comparison, a raw deapsea sagefish tail costs 18g, which can then be turned into +90 int food; being the preferred buff food of many casters.  Same buff as the fortune card, but 10g more expensive.

I know that many guilds now put down feasts, but by no means all.  I know that some players have been using fortune cookies hoping to get 'that card', but consoling themselves with buff food.

During raid startup times, we should bring it to the attention of new raid leaders and caster toons alike : You have a choice of best stat foods; and on many realms the cheapest food is a fortune cookie.  Buff raiders get lucky.  (groan : I am not sure I could say it, but many of you could)


  1. It's unfortunate that this food isn't the best for tanks (Gives dodge instead of mastery) because I've always wanted to use them as my buff food. =[

    By bringing it to their attention, do you mean you bark them at raid startup times? Or how do you do create demand since your average player may not know fortune cookies exist?

  2. Barking : Yes.

    I may even make a macro
    "/2 Buff Players get lucky. Fortune Cookie in AH" (with the fortune cookie being a link).

    I have shame, but can live with it.


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