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01 June 2011

Surplus ink become darkmoon cards, and early morning posting.

The darkmoon faire is coming up.

After much self doubt, I converted my surplus blackfallow ink into inferno inks, and then into cards.  The idea of turning 10 blackfallow (notionally 60g) into 1 inferno (notionally 40g) is something I struggled with. 

However, as I was only pricing 10 blackfallow at 50g (in either glyphs or as inks), and could not 'ship them'.  I also can create inks at around 4g each based on a whiptail price of 2.75 each.  (I maintain a somewhat confusing spreadsheet on google docs).  It was time for them to go, in whatever form I could sell them.

As such, I am (mostly) raising my glyph pricing and reducing my undercut, but still posting on both AH's.  I am also - occasionally - posting glyphs in the morning, when other sellers are not on.

Have no fear, I will again be milling inks and continue to craft and sell glyphs, but have been exploring my other crafting skills.


  1. Surplus Blackfallow ink... what is THAT? lol I use every Blackfallow in to create MFCs (and use them for Fortune Cookies - they sell like CRAZY with zero barking needed) and Dust of Disappearance (now you get 3 Dusts for each ink used)... I have my inscriptionist friend make them for me and I pop them up on the AH... I handle other markets (enchanting, alchemy and JC), she handles that one and engineering.

  2. You should have turned the excess BF ink into other inks at ink trader; with Patch 5.04 the trader is gone. And glyph prices will RISE a lot. Too bad

  3. Oops.. ignore previous post. Though yours was current.

  4. Hiya anon; yea this is now an older post. The post you were looking for is probably http://foo-wow.blogspot.com.au/2012/08/mop-scribes-inscription.html


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