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22 June 2011

Snowfall inks

Back in the dying days of cataclysm - snowfall inks were ... considered vendor trash by most (other) bloggers.  I had decided to stockpile them - being slightly contrarian in nature. It has stood me in good stead - at least where snowfall inks were concerned.

However, I didn't pick the real value in snowfall inks - northrend inscription research.  At the moment, snowfall are still needed. 

JTMC covers some details of glyphs changes, but this almost irrelevant to me.  There will be changes to glyphs, so some glyphs will sell better for a time.  I will learn the lot, and post any above my threshold, as usual.  (Though I will have to make 1/2 an effort to send new glyphs to my horde toon).

However, assuming that the new glyph is northrend research based (it is on the PTR), there should be a run on snowfall ink and/or northrend herbs (capped by the cost of 10 blackfallow -> 1 snowfall).  It won't be a huge run as only dedicated scribes will bother learning it.

If the glyph is 'book' based, then the availablility will be much lower (i.e. higher prices); trainier based and the glyph will be junk value.  However, I don't see any reason why it would change from it's PTR research basis.

Tonight, I checked on my snowfall stocks. 


  1. The snowfall inks will go up in price in any case, because after 4.2 you can research all the glyphs that are currently only available from books. This should in turn hurt the old glyph sellers out there, that right now benefit from low competition on these glyphs.

  2. The flip side is that books now grant full access to all research based glyphs, so people looking to speed up glyph learning have that as an option as well. If people crap themselves over the books and post them low, I intend to speed my daily research up quite a bit with them.

  3. I may be mistaken, but I think having research learn all glyphs; while intended, is not a patch 4.2 change.

  4. Well if it isn't, I'll still be watching books to see if people dump them. I've bought them for as low as 50G (usually in the 100-150G range) I've already learned all the book bought recipes I can, so it's more low income speculation from here on out.

  5. Good ideas.

    I've been trying to sell stacks at 250g-400g and ignoring my rival who sells loads of singles at 6-8g a pop. Now I think I'll buy him out when I get the chance.


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