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15 June 2010

Blacksmithing 375-450

At the end of May I posted about getting leatherworking 375-450.  I also levelled Blacksmithing at the same time, using the same approach - Auctioneer, LilSparky, and Ackis Recipee list.  This approach is essentially:
  • Get a wide selection of recipees.
  • Make a mixture of items.
  • Make what will sell for a profit wherever possible.

My 'Buffs' are the ability to socket my gloves and wrists, with 2 Runed Cardinal Ruby gives me 46 spellpower.  Given that I can still enchant my gloves and wrists (where with the leatherworking the fur linings are the enchant), this is rougly equivilant.

Starting off, Ackis Recipee list suggests that Reinforced Cobalt peices (eg the chestpiece) can be found as drops.  With the recipees being off the beaten track and Bind on Pickup, they will sell for more.  However, I am not keen on taking a lvl 65 into Sholozar basin, so just used the vendor recipees.  At 420, you get a stack of options: Belt Buckles, PVP starter gear, and at 425 Titanium Rods.  All of these sell well, and I made a few of each.  These become yellow at 435, and there are not a lot of 'Orange' recipee options, but 'Yellow' recipees still usually give a skill up.  I also made a lot of keys for personal use later.  Toward the end, I tried to make some Icebane gear, not particularly expecting it to sell well, but it did have 2 sockets.

I have been posting the crafted items on a 48 hour cycle, and starting last week, dropped the prices of the remaining armour by 50% just to clear it out.  I did not do any further trading on this toon.  Starting off with a 'kitty' of 13,000g, in a five week period I managed to spend 11,000g (roughly 5,000g on Leatherworking, 6,500 on Blacksmithing), but sold the made items to end up with 16,000g.

Some other 'popular' websites that encourage you to use the 'smallest' number of mats are designed by gold sellers or gold guide sellers.  They have a financial interest in keeping your toon poor.  As I have shown, taking a little time, and with a little effort, I not only levelled two of the most expensive professions, but did so at a profit.

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