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19 June 2010

Foo's raiding Jun 2010

It has been said that raiding is something that I do when I am not playing the auction house.  There is some truth to this.  Currently I am running Ulduar once a week on a Saturday night, starting 8:30 pm Server time (Caelestraz).

I don't do gearscore.  I do Elitist Groups instead.  I am interested in your choice of gear and whether it is properly gemmed and enchanted.  An average Ilvl of about 206 would be enough to do the bosses we are up to.  I assume you probably have this.  If you don't, it probably doesnt matter.

I like consumables.  I will provide raid buffs from Fish Feasts, Runescroll of Fortitude, Drums of the Wild, Drums of Forgotten Kings.  I will normally use flasks in raids, and potions when needed.  I would like you to have potions and flasks/elixirs and use them when needed.  While this is Ulduar and you may not need them, it is better to have them just in case.

For achievments, tell me you are a Champion of the Frozen Wastes and I will be impressed.  It does not really matter how many ICC bosses you have down.  I also don't care if you know the fights yet.  I don't know them either.  I do read the strategies, and occasionally watch the fights video and encourage you to do so too.  My primary resource is http://www.wowwiki.com/Ulduar

I care about your ability to get out of the fire.  I run Ensindia Fails (similar to failbot).  This is a confronting addon.  It tells us how often players are stressing our healers without cause.  Most players I run with (including me) are mentioned.  I try not to be at the 'top' of the fail list.

For all classes, I want you to know your class (or be prepared to learn it).  www.wow.com/resources is good.

I love healers.  For a healer, I  want you to be able to dispel whatever you are meant to dispel, and to feel comfortable healing.   If you are a tank, I want you to keep agro of the healers, and to stay upright.  By preference keeping agro of the DPS is a nice extra. For DPS, I like you to hurt things, but keep in mind that if you tank it you may need to spank it.  Keeping the healer alive earns you extra heals.

Addons (in every case there are alternatives, but I will name some and link the addons I use):
  • Threat meter (Omen)
  • DPS/activity meter (Recount) - for personal use.  Just don't link it in raid.
  • Lagmeter (Quartz/Icehud)
  • HealingLibrary (Grid/Vuhdo/Healbot) - especially for healers, but usefull for anyone who wants to know where heals are going.

I care about showing up on time.  I understand that real life happens.  If you have signed up please show up.  Bonus points if you are at the stone in time to help with summoning.

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