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03 June 2012

Glyph insanity

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
Albert Einstein

I was making a comfortable amount of gold by selling horde side glyphs.  Something I have done before, and will do again.  However recently I have been shutout by a very efficient 1c camping undercutter.  This was to the point where I have sold no glyphs all week, despite posting twice a day.  This compares to 5K per week posting once every 2 days about 3 months ago.

About a month ago, I decided it was time to start restocking glyphs - herb prices were not going down any more and I was out of many of them.  My stock levels are 20 horde glyphs, 20 alliance glyphs.  Even if you have glyphs to start with - that is a blessed lot of glyphs to make.

About a fortnight ago, I put a ceiling on glyph prices of 60g.  Over the weekend I brought over the last of my horde backlog.

I am not capable of 1copper undercutting and camping; either mentally or (normally) timewise.  Over the weekend I made an exception.  To the camping bit - not the 1c. 

This wall of glyphs was brought to you by a 1c undercutter and myself.  Every time he 1c undercut; I posted deeper undercuts in return.  You note that he cancelled postings; I kept postings.

Over the last week, I made zero in glyph sales; today, I made a profit.  Not a large profit but even at 14g I am still in front.  I also stopped posting once I stopped being undercut.  This glyph was in my last batch (about 1/3 of glpyhs) and I waited for an undercut that never happened - so I stopped posting.  My competition however is still stuck with the 18g50 wall on almost all glyphs.

If you try to own a large market at large profit margins, it is inevitable that someone will ... allow you to own the market at negligible profit margins.  This has happened to plenty of players - myself included.

To those fellow competitors on Horde Caelestrasz, nothing personal.  I just am not going to be hounded out of a large profit on glyphs.  I am however perfectly prepared to be hounded out of a negligible market profit.


  1. how do you create the wall using TSM - I have three glyphs of everything and I wanted to post 60, 45, 30 wall - do you have to post all at 60 and then repost at 45 etc...I haven't been able to find a way to easily post creating the wall.

    1. Post cheapest wall first so 30 45 60 pretty normal to post like 5 at 30, 3 at 45 and 2 at 60.
      A glyph wall only 3 glyphs deep is begging to be bought out and reposted especially on Book Glyphs.

  2. What I don't get is why you and Tarras wouldn't white list each other instead of destroying the market. i.e. win win.

  3. P.S. and though you say you keep 20 glyphs of each Alliance side I don't see you competing with Squatbanker what so ever. In fact looks like he's bitch slapped you on your own turf.

  4. The only time I bother walling is when I am being aggressively undercut.

    So set my minimum, maximum and undercut prices; and post a set of glyphs.

    Wait a short length of time: drop the minimum and increase the undercut; post another set of glyphs.

    Keep going until you reach your real threshold or run out of glyphs.

    I have no intention of being cheapest on every glyph, nor of trying to drive out all competition. I am unable/unwilling to go below the floor of 'farm your own herbs on second account for free' scribes. I am capable of making profit on anything sold above my floor.

    And yes - I bailed on alliance glyphs : There were 3 farm your own herb scribes competing for a while.

    I work on streamlining one market at at time: Alliance gems & Horde glyphs are my current targets.

  5. (with horde glyphs being my current 'progression' and alliance gems on 'farm')


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