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18 May 2012

The Diablo effect

A recession is "two down consecutive quarters of GDP".  A single week of Diablo probably does not qualify, but there may be two consecutive weeks of significantly lower numbers.

The bored have gone away to play. They are not farming; they are not raiding; they are not buying my gems, and are elsewhere instead.

I am currently buying large quantities of herbs, some uncut gems; and selling cut gems.  I am not currently selling a lot of glyphs, but anyone who has read my blog for any length of time probably knows what I do with herbs.

Normally when I buy out cheap herbs, they might temporarily spike in price but restock fairly soon.  That is not happening.  This means that I am significantly affecting the herb stores (possible) or that mass farmers are simply not there (also possible) - Diablo and maybe a bot banning.

Farming normally happens mid-week - not when raids are occurring.  Well this midweek - another small event happened - at least for those that could login.  There was no influx of super cheap herbs.  sob sob.

For gems, I am not being significantly undercut.  Sure there is some competition, but no-one seems to be working terribly hard to squeeze every last gold, and I at least have been earning nice profits.  (something has to pay for my gold bid run habit).  

Midweek I sold next to nothing;  Not from an increase in competition, but from a lack of buyers.  The Stormwind - dwarven district AH looked as (not) busy as the Ironforge AH.

I am still selling expensive Yellow Epic Cata gems (about 1500g) but the Cata Red epic gems are down to about 650g.  There are only two options for this - the drop rates of madness epic gems have changed to favour red or there is serious duping of some gems (which is a whine for another day).  Scatter shot selling (of anything and everything) still works for a nice profit and is keeping me liquid.  I picked up a few extra sales this morning, but expect the weekend raiding to be interesting - and not necessarily in a good way.

However, it is worth looking at new markets at the moment.  Maybe your traditional customers or your old competition is /afk.  Dust off those alts and see if they have something to sell into your AH.

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  1. I have definitely shifted the priority of my time to D3. WOW ah is getting very little activity as it just isnt worth it as sales have really dried up. I post once and go off to D3. Still have sales but nothing like it was a month ago. I have pretty well withdrawn from all markets except glyphs. I am not a large stockpiler but do have stuff that I know will eventually be higher priced or that I can use myself.

    This wow lull seems quite a bit more significant than the previous expansion. I have even debated stopping to sell in wow till it picks up. Who needs more than 4 million gold? Other than the fun I used to get from doing it.....time spent in D3 and its AH is for now a lot more attractive


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