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18 May 2012

Caelestrasz Alliance Gold Bid runs

Do you have too much gold and not enough gear or boss kills?  Are you vain enough to think you bother me on the AH but are missing Deathwing kills?

Are you Squatbanker, Looksgood, Ðitto, Ïke, Xariara, Ultramechia, Scalineatiar, Zalectrial, Rhonstra, Cazzora, Certenton?  (Notfoo is me of course).  If not, do you have 10k to your name?

The gold bid run that I am in has room to carry buyers.

My priest Foofixit has Ilvl 397, 13 best in slot (according to Ask Mr Robot) pieces with another 2 so close that it doesn't matter.  So I must farm dragon soul a lot?  No. On Foofixit, my first Madness kill was 31 March 2012.  I downed Madness (and 4 other bosses) only 5 times. The only boss I downed more is Zon'ozz at 6 times.

As someone who has regularly pugged since forever, I have found the majority of players in the gold bid runs better than average.  We are currently working on Heroic Morchok; but then clearing DS easily (no wipes and very few deaths in normal mode).  If you are willing to buy, we want to take you.

As far as I recall, these are the rules:
  • Willing and able to spend 10k on gear
  • Have vent
  • Patterns, rares, essences 1k minimum bid
  • Normal Morchok armor 2.5K min, weapons from 3k min
  • Weapons, offhands, trinkets: 7.5k min
  • Rogue clusters @500g each (i.e. most bosses in 25 drop 2 for 1k) min (edited)
  • Spine, Madness, Heroic bosses 10K min.
  • Armor from other bosses 5K min
  • Must be on at invite time (7:45pm) and stay till end of run for pot (11:30pm)

I am not the organiser of these runs (but a willing buyer).  Jetfoo (not me - and yes there is another foo out there) had this advert up on the realms forum.

Please whisper or in game mail Jetfoo, Acidburnx, Bbella or Vaul for a calendar invite.  It would not hurt to let them know how much you are prepared to spend.


  1. Well said Foo,

    Thanks for throwing together a post to get it further out there, really appreciate it. I have one typed up however your blogging xp has made mine look a little trashy :P

    Anyone interested to gear a new alt quickly with a little spare cash laying around, even others needing to dust off an 85 that hasn't been able to get a run and get some gear this is for you. We are currently quite full on Carriers, probably looking to rotate some in the future.

    Furthermore you can join /gkp and im sure anyone in there would be more than happy to ask any questions. Otherwise message one of the toons listed above or im sure Foo can hook you up :)

  2. TSMFTW can confirm that these are great runs to be apart of. Foo I can't believe you didn't include me in you're list of Goblins :P

  3. @TSMFTW : sorry but I took the list from the 'busy sellers' from the undermine journal. Next list I will manually look at who is in the AH a lot, and who causes me AH grief.

    The best thing about dragging AH competitors to raids: They are (temporarily) too busy to post competing auctions on their raiding account.

  4. lol not likely, thats what 2 accounts are for & dual screens.

  5. @anonymous : Shoosh. I said that they can't post on their raiding account. Back in my day, real goblins had craft and trade on one account while walking both ways uphill in the snow.


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