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27 December 2009

My bags are full, so turn stuff into silver and gold

With your first starting toon, you are now gathering to your hearts content, but you are constantly having problems with full bags.  To solve this you will need to:

  • Get bigger bags.  These can be bought from the auction house and various vendors.  Get what you can afford, knowing that you can sell your small bags later.  (For a new toon, bags should be the only thing you need to buy from the auction house - hopefully more on this in later blogs).
  • Cloth, ore and herbs should be sold on the auction house.  Browse the auction house for the item you are selling to get an idea of its price.  Put both a bid and buyout on your 'treasure', and initially price it in the 'middle' of the pack.  At the time of writing this, linen cloth is being sold for anything between 66 copper each (way way too cheap), to 50 silver each (probably too expensive), so I would sell for about 1/2 way - or 25 silver each.
  • Items with a green, blue or purple name can generally be sold at the auction house.
  • Some items with a 'white name' sell better at vendors, others at the auction house.  Check both out.
  • Sell to a vendor anything with a 'grey' name.
  • Get a bank alt - and mail anything to be sold to it.
What is a bank alt?
Generally you 'roll' a second character - any class, and just run to your capital city.  It might even still be level one when you get there.  Being close to an auction house and bank, your 'main' character - who is never really that far from a mail box can just mail anything to your 'bank alt', which sells it for you.

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  1. Nice information, this is the type of stuff I would have liked to read starting out.

    Maybe I was a real noob , but one thing I had trouble with my first day was figuring out what to do when the vendor is full. I came from COH where the vendors took whatever you sold them, no limited space(of course once it was sold, ,it was gone! no 2nd chances!) No one in the starting area could tell me either, ( and I didnt want to delete anything if I could sell it!) I finally figure out I had to log out to have my items sold to vendor disappear. Just thought that might help someone out.


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