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28 December 2009

Keep up your skills while levelling

There will be times during your levelling that you outstrip your skills. Do yourself a favour - take the time to keep up.
How do you do this?

You will need to visit your trainer every so often, but you have a 25 'skill point' window in which to do it.  Train at some time during this window.  You will often find it convenient to train profession skills at the same time as your class skills.  To see your current skill, and your current 'cap' use the 'k' key.
Your starting skins, herbs and ores sell for a little.  As you progress, they will sell for a lot lot more - 2-3 gold per unit, 2-3 units per node.  You will have large expenses at levels 20, 40, 60, 77 and 80, and this gold really helps.

Animals can be skinned if your skinning / 5 is equal or more than the animal level - that is with a skinning skill of 75 you can skin a level 15 mob.  Herbs and Ores can generally be found at similar levels.  However I used the mining and herbalism maps from http://wow.allakhazam.com/db/mapset.html to find those extra few points when i needed.

While you are levelling, you may like to also look at the secondary skills:
  • Cooking - Extra buffs are always nice
  • First aid - another way to heal between fights, but you might prefer to sell the cloth
  • Fishing - for the patient cook.

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