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03 September 2012

MOP Leather and Blacksmith

Leatherworkers and Blacksmiths

Given Blizzard's stated intention that "Initially, we want crafters to be out in the world adventuring instead of camping out in front of an auctioneer, hoping to score some cheap mats.", consider taking up gatherer + crafter.  I do not make this suggestion lightly, and it will still be wrong for a lot of players I will have a post dedidcated to the spirit of harmony later - and it will not be pretty.

My recommendations on tailoring also apply here:
  • Be ahead of the 'pack' levelling these skills, or be behind them.  The way to be the most out of pocket is to be the average player these skills when everyone else is; following the same leveling guide.
  • Consider making some top end cataclysm PVP items to get your first few points
  • You will make some items you are unable (or at least unwilling) to sell.  This is what (dis)enchanters are for.  Have one or know one. 
  • Assuming that LFD/LFR is again gated on gear level; PVP gear will be demanded by newly dinged players.  Of course you will level these skills mostly on the back of PVP gear, so supply will be higher.


Read Kaliope's recent Blacksmithing  posts.

You know that belt buckles will sell like hotcakes.  As an added bonus, the (only) levelling guide I have read so far avoids them.  You could justifiably craft these for every skill point you need.  Every raider in the game will be getting multiple belts over the next few months - so on average every raiding blacksmith will need to make probably a dozen buckles each.  Some will make more - others will only make their own.


Read Kaliope's  recent Leatherworking posts.

Legging enchants will be your bread and butter, but not as many leather leg enchants will be needed as belt buckles (1/2 of the population will use the tailor leg enchants instead.


  1. I'm a blacksmith myself and have to say the biggest problem with the profession is the fact that the profitable crafting items are so few, you invariably attract competition like no tomorrow.

    Belt Buckles are a ferocious market in Cata simply because the pattern wasn't well gated and it was considered a 'no brainer' from any 525 blacksmith to pump out for sale. The market was always volatile and profits were all over the place.

    I actually stopped making them and focused more on PvP gear which yielded far better results during Cata.

  2. Mogram; for later I agree that you need to watch the belt buckle competition.

    However, assuming players level crafting at the start of MoP like they did at the start of Cata, then world + 1 will be crafting PVP gear.

    I like to look for things that others are not crafting.


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