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You are most likely here because you enjoy crafting. I have been reading up on some of the WoW issues regarding gold making, which make me realize that WoW is not the game for me.

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07 September 2012

Now it's your turn

I first started this blog when a couple of the existing gold bloggers bowed out.  They had done their time, and were moving on.  It was time for a new wave of bloggers to step up; and new sites to be formed. 

I was a noob with half baked ideas and 'a cunning plan'.  I was interested in writing about it; and it turns out others were interested in reading it.  200,000 page views counted by google stats, plus countless other views read via places like the undermine journal and via RSS feeds.

Very few of the authors writing when I started blogging are still talking about WoW gold making.  While it is sad to see old names go silent; there are plenty of new names coming into the scene.  This really is a reflection on the players and not on the game itself.  A game that hold daily attention for 4 years is doing something very right.

To pull a number out of the air, it seems like there is about a 3 year authorship for WoW blogs.  Plenty of time for you to be keen, eager and learning.  Even more time for you to be strong and established, and to shape your community.

The hardest post is number 1.  Number 2 isn't so bad.  Getting to a dozen posts is a hard (all these posts and no-one is reading me).  Getting to post 100 is a thrill.

To get a readership, it is almost necessary to get the eye of an established site. Some of my early posts had a readership of 1.  But some those early posts were read I was picked up by other blogs.  Writing relevant information will also get you picked up by search engines.  Established bloggers have seen new sites come and go; and most of us hate removing sites so want to ensure that you have some longevity and quality before adding you to our lists.

As an open invitation to any upcoming bloggers, even if you have just one recent post;
  • Leave a comment on this post.
  • Read up about the new blogger initiative
  • Leave relevant comments on other wow blogs as a logged in user.  We check your bios and the linked websites.
  • Once you have a dozen gold posts under your belt, submit your blog to https://theunderminejournal.com/ and http://chronicle.powerwordgold.net 
  • If you have any niche in WoW, after a few posts also submit to http://www.wowheadlines.com/ (a newish and nice looking blog aggregation)
  • Write more posts. 
  • Persuade us, Inform us, Entertain us.  Dare to be right.  
  • Dare to be wrong.  I have publicly disagreed with the views of many bloggers.  So what?
  • Read this post about self censorship, and the difference between engaging the argument and engaging the person.
 If you wish to follow my latest exploits, I am still blogging over at foo-eve.blogspot.com


  1. If you dont come back to WOW im kinda going to miss you... but if you dont i will remember the first raid i did with you, that wek invited me to and many of the arguements and discussions we had lol. Good luck in what ever you do :)

  2. Well your post inspired me as a fellow Goblin on Cael to try Blogging aka Massterbank


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